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Cole Hawkins


I own and operate a small single-pilot air taxi based around hunting and eco-tourism in Alaska. I grew up flying in southern Oregon. Along with my wife, moved up to Alaska at the age of 23 to pursue a career in hunting and aviation in Alaska. Little did I know the path God would lay before me. Along with hunting and flying, welding and machining have been a true passion since I was a kid. At 17, I acquired my first cub project. A rusty old cub fuselage. Through trial and error, I removed and replaced all the main rear tubing below the upper longerons. Every tube was filled with grease as the previous owner had welded zirk fittings into the lower longerons as the aircraft was on floats in southeast Alaska. Needless to say, it was a battle to weld on but was shaping my ability for a bright future to come. This skill would come into play years later and thousands of miles away. I own and operate two bush aircraft. A Maule M6-235 as well as the famed Piper Super Cub. Along with flying these amazing aircraft, I saw the need for quality maintenance and modification due to the stresses and abuse put on them in a working environment. Short Final Fabrication was developed as a direct result of the work that I do during the hunting season with my air taxi. I formed the company in order to provide services that so many of Alaska’s aircraft owners required, but are not easy to come by.

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